2019 State Legislative Session Recap

The 2019 state legislative session has concluded. How did our state representatives and senators in the Athens area vote on important issues like defending women’s reproductive rights? You may not like the answers, but here they are:

A chart of the 2019 state legislative session showing how Athens-area legislators voted on various bills.

From purchasing expensive and hackable voting machines to failing to pass a hate-crimes bill to covering fewer Georgians with health insurance at a higher cost, the Republican-controlled legislature has clearly shown that they do not care for the needs, rights and pocketbooks of everyday Georgians. But the biggest offense in the 2019 state legislative session has got to be the so-called “heartbeat bill” (HB 481) which bans abortion after only 6 weeks, before most women even know they are pregnant.

HB 481 essentially overturns Roe v Wade in Georgia and will surely be fought in the courts due to its clear unconstitutionality.

One important bill not included in the graphic is SB 173, which would have established an educational voucher program in Georgia. Both Senator Ginn and Cowsert voted for the bill, which did not pass. You can hear them defend their votes at the April meeting of the Federation of Neighborhoods.


Votes in RED are sponsored by Republicans.
Votes in BLUE are sponsored by Democrats.
Votes in PURPLE are have sponsors from both parties.
A chart of the 2019 legislative session, showing how different Athens-area representatives voted on various bills.
Thumbs up icon indicates a YES vote on the bill.
Thumbs down icon indicates a NO vote on the bill.

“Nerd’s Take” column indicates the outcome APN preferred.

Voting record row indicates the percentage of the time legislators voted in-line with APN’s opinion.

Video Summary of the 2019 State Legislative Session

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