ACCPD admits to using “bean bag” rounds against protesters

wound from a "bean bag" round
A wound from a “bean bag” round on the second day of healing, received by an anonymous protester.

“My entire leg/lower back felt a pain unlike any I’ve ever experienced. My face was burning from the tear gas, I was hyper ventilating, and could not put any pressure on my left leg.”

Protesters who were present at the final stage of the May 31 protest against police brutality have been raising the alarm since the event occurred that tear gas was not the only weapon used against them that night.

The initial ACCPD press release did not mention rubber bullets or “bean bag” rounds. Yet, ACCPD Police Chief Cleveland Spruill has now confirmed their use in a “community conversation” with Mayor Girtz and other ACC officials this Thursday. Spruill claimed that police fired upon protesters in order to protect tear gas canisters they deployed from being thrown back at them.

One anonymous protester disputes this version of the events.

“I can assure you that throughout this entire time I showed no signs of aggression towards the police, and did not throw any tear gas at them. All I did was try to snuff them [the canisters] out. That’s when I got shot.”

“Bean bag” rounds are composed of lead shot fired from a 12-gauge shotgun softened with a bit of fabric and fired at a lower velocity, according to Security Devices International.

19 protesters were arrested that night, some claiming their civil rights were violated in jail. APN has received reports of protesters being denied phone calls, being isolated as a form of punishment and being denied healthcare treatment.

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