Andrew Clyde

Andrew Clyde, US Congressman

US Representative Andrew Clyde (R)

2021 – present

(202) 225-9893 (DC)
Clyde’s website

Homeland Security
Oversight and Reform

Signature Issues

Gun Rights — Clyde wants to eliminate all restrictions and taxes on the sale of firearms.

Eliminating Taxes and Limiting Government — Clyde wants to eliminate the IRS and institute a national sales tax. He also wants to eliminate several federal departments, including the Department of Education and the EPA.

Supporting Donald Trump — During his 2020 campaign, Clyde said he “fully supports our President and his agenda” to “Make America Great Again.” He was not specific on his campaign website about the details of Trump’s platform that he supports, beyond “building the wall.”

Election Results

Andrew Clyde (R) – 72.4%
Michael Ford (D) – 27.6%

2020 General Election

Andrew Clyde (R) – 78.6%
Devin Pandy (D) – 21.4%

Past Experience

Clyde is a veteran of Kuwait and Iraq and owns a gun store in Athens.


Refusal to certify election results / support for insurgents

Clyde voted against certifying the 2020 election results due to false rumors of election fraud. The ACC Democratic party has called for Clyde’s removal from office due to his support for insurgents and promotion of false conspiracy theories.