Mike Hamby

Mike Hamby, District 10 Commissioner (2009-present)Commissioner Mike Hamby makes a comment at a commission meeting.
Represents Timothy Road, Kingswood, Epps Bridge and Atlanta Highway areas.

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Professional and Civic Experience
Owner of “a small office cleaning business.”
Publisher, Athens Believer magazine
Sales and management, Northeast Sales Distributing
Financial Advisor, J.C. Bradford
Master’s degree in Instructional Design, UGA
Undergraduate degree, Social Sciences Education, UGA
Party Affiliation
Primary Ballots: Mike Hamby usually takes Democratic primary ballots, but not exclusively.
Previous Races: Ran for Mayor as a Republican in 1994.
Donations: Donated to Douglas Haines (D) in 2003.
Fundraising: On the fundraising committee of Houston Gaines (R) in 2017.
Inferred Party:
Seems to have changed from a Republican to a Democrat, but somewhat unclear.

Signature Policies

Fighting Poverty: Commissioner Hamby was one of the original authors of the prosperity package idea to combat poverty.

Voting Record

  • 2019
    Reconsider the Designation of SPLOST Projects: YES
    Accept $250,000 Settlement with Taylor Saulters: YES
    FY2020 Goals and Objectives:YES
    Designate SPLOST Projects: YES
    Expand ACCPD Vehicle Program: YES
    Adopt the 100% Athens Resolution: YES
    End cash bail for local ordinance violations: YES
    Delaying Bike Lanes on Hancock Ave: YES
    Removing Mention of Classic Center Arena from SPLOST 2020: NO
    Approving Final SPLOST 2020 List: YES
    (More information about 2019 votes)
  • 2018
    Fund Cedar Creek Solar Array: absent
    Move Work Sessions to City Hall: YES
    Redesign the Chase Street Corridor: YES
    Update County Anti-Discrimination Policy: YES
    Reject Concept Maps for Athens in Motion: YES
    Adopt the Athens in Motion plan: YES
    Protected Bike Lanes for Barnett Shoals: NO
    Delay the Designation of SPLOST Projects: NO
    (More information about 2018 votes)
  • 2017
    Temporary Halt to Downtown Development: YES
    Consultant Selection for Bike / Ped Master Plan: YES
    TSPLOST project list and referendum: YES
    Re-zone Mitchell Street:YES
    (More information about 2017 votes)
  • 2016
    “Road Diet” for Chase Street: YES
    Allow Sale of Growlers in Brewpubs: YES
    Fare-Free Bus Rides for K-12 Students: YES
    Downtown Anti-Discrimination Ordinance and Civil Rights Committee: YES
    (More information about 2016 votes)
  • 2015
    Allow Backyard Chickens: YES
    Remove Wetland Buffers: YES
    Delay repaving of Chase Street: YES
    Award Jail Phone Contract to Securus Tech: YES
    Allow Food Trucks: YES
    Keep Domestic Partnership Benefits: YES
    (More information about 2015 votes)