Patrick Davenport

Patrick Davenport, District 1 Commissioner (2019-present)Commissioner Patrick Davenport
Represents East Athens and Winterville.
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Professional and Civic Experience Education
Studied Political Science and Business Management at the University of Georgia.
Party Affiliation
Primary Ballots: Patrick Davenport exclusively takes Democratic primary ballots.
Inferred Party: Democrat

Signature Policies

Living Wages: Commissioner Davenport has worked with the Economic Justice Coalition fighting for living wages for many years. He co-founded Peachy Green Clean Co-Op to help provide entry-level living wage jobs in Athens. As a commissioner, he faces an uphill battle due to state restrictions on the minimum wage.

Resources for the Eastside: Commissioner Davenport mentioned an urgent care facility during his 2018 campaign specifically.

Voting Record

  • 2019
    Reconsideration of Designating SPLOST Projects: YES
    Accept $250,000 Settlement with Taylor Saulters: NO
    FY2020 Goals and Objectives: YES
    Designating SPLOST Projects: NO on the judicial center, YES on the rest
    Expanding ACCPD Vehicle Program: YES
    Adopting the 100% Athens Resolution: YES
    Ending cash bail for local ordinance violations: YES
    Delaying Bike Lanes on Hancock Ave: NO
    Removing Mention of Classic Center Arena from SPLOST 2020: NO
    Approving Final SPLOST 2020 List: YES
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