Tim Denson

Tim Denson

Commissioner Denson, District 5


Represents Normaltown, Homewood Hills, and northwest Athens.
(762) 499-4544
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Professional and Civic Experience
Former President and Organization Coordinator of Athens for Everyone
Organizer with the United Campus Workers of Georgia

Tim Denson graduated from Edison College (AA) in 2003.

Party Affiliation
Primary Ballots: Tim usually takes Democratic primary ballots, but not exclusively.
Vice-Chair of the Athens-Clarke County Democratic Committee.

Inferred Party: Democrat

Signature Policies

Transit Expansion and Fare-Free Service: Commissioner Tim Denson has been advocating for fare-free bus service since his run for mayor in 2014. As the President of Athens for Everyone, he successfully pushed for Sunday bus service, and a route along US-29.

Criminal Justice Reform: After taking office, one of Denson’s first priorities was pay inmates in the local state prison for their labor. He was instrumental in the end of cash bail for local ordinances, which happened in Athens on June 4, 2019. He also promised a citizen’s “criminal justice task force” during his 2018 campaign and the decriminalization of cannabis.

Fighting Poverty: During his 2018 campaign, Denson pledged to “ensure that every Athenian has access to high quality, affordable child care.” He was also a vocal supporter of the Prosperity Package in the FY 2020 county budget.

Civil Rights: As a citizen advocate, Denson was highly involved in the push for a civil rights committee. This body was formed by the local government in 2019. As commissioner, he has been pushing for comprehensive civil rights legislation in areas such as housing, employment and public accommodations. Denson also was the primary author of a resolution supporting the Latinx community.

Voting Record

  • 2020
    Accept Agreement with the Classic Center: YES
    Support the Pre-Arrest Diversion Program: YES
    Start a Community Energy Fund: YES
    Declare State of Emergency, Banning Public Gatherings: YES
    Order Athenians to Shelter in Place: YES
    Urge Leniency for Rent and Mortgage Payments: YES
    Refuse to Pay Attorney Bryan Sells: NO
    Move Confederate Monument, Close College Square: YES
    Establish Goal of Reducing Police Funding: YES
    Adopt the FY 2021 Budget: NO
    Make Masks Mandatory: YES
    Resolve that Black lives matter: YES
    Delay BLM resolution: YES
    Start “parklet” pilot program: NO
    (More information about 2020 votes)
  • 2019
    Reconsider Designating SPLOST Projects: YES
    Accept $250,000 Settlement with Taylor Saulters: NO
    FY2020 Goals and Objectives:YES
    Designate SPLOST Projects: YES
    Expand ACCPD Vehicle Program: YES
    Adopt the 100% Athens Resolution: YES
    End cash bail for local ordinance violations: YES
    Delay Bike Lanes on Hancock Ave: NO
    Remove Mention of Classic Center Arena from SPLOST 2020: YES
    Approve Final SPLOST 2020 List: YES
    Pass Along State Legislative Requests: YES
    Reorganize Animal Control: YES
    Approve the Neighborhood Leaders program: YES
    (More information about 2019 votes)