Jeff Davis vs Tabitha Ponder for GA Appeals Court

UPDATE (5/21/24): Jeff Davis defeated Tabitha Ponder by a margin of 57% to to 43%.

Jeff Davis and Tabitha Ponder are competing for a seat on the Georgia Appeals Court in 2024. APN breaks down this non-partisan election here:

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis, candidate for judge

Jeff Davis, candidate for GA Appeals Court

Jeff Davis is running to be a judge on the Georgia Appeals Court in 2024.

Davis’ website


Davis runs a general civil and criminal law firm where he often advises government entities on ethics and compliance issues. He was the executive director of the State Bar of Georgia from 2014 to 2021. He was the director of the Judicial Qualifications Commission from 2010 to 2014 where he was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of judges accused of ethical misconduct.

Political Affiliation

Primary Ballots: Davis typically takes Republican primary ballots.
Inferred Party: Republican

Tabitha Ponder

Tabitha Ponder, candidate for judge

Tabitha Ponder, candidate for GA Appeals Court

Tabitha Ponder is running to be a judge on the Georgia Appeals Court in 2024.

Ponder’s website


Ponder is a part-time magistrate judge for Cobb County and runs a mediation practice with Miles Mediation and Arbitration. For most of her career, Ponder focused on injury law and real estate. She earned her law degree from Mercer University.

She currently staffs the Georgia Judicial Council’s Access to Justice Committee. “We are the committee that is tasked with ensuring that every Georgia citizen has access to the courts,” Ponder wrote on “Unfortunately, we have more than a million unrepresented citizens in our judicial system; however, we have a shortage of lawyers, especially in rural areas.”

Political Affiliation

Primary Ballots: Ponder typically takes Democratic primary ballots.
Inferred Party: Democrat

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