Kirrena Gallagher

Kirrena Gallagher, candidate for District 2 Commissioner

After stepping down from her post on the Board of Education, Kirrena Gallagher is now running to represent District 2 on the ACC Commission in 2023.

Gallagher’s website

Signature Issues

This page will be updated with Gallagher’s campaign platform once it is available. [However, APN is on hiatus as of 2/14 and this page is not being updated!]


Gallagher served on the ACC Board of Education throughout 2021 and 2022.


APN interviewed Gallagher in 2020 when she ran for school board.

Past Election Results

2020 Local Election for ACC Board of Education

Kirrena Gallagher – 54.0%
Mary Bagby – 46.0%