Lexy Doherty, candidate for US Congress, District 10

Lexy Doherty

Lexy Doherty is running in the Democratic primary in 2024 to represent District 10 in the US House of Representatives.

Doherty’s website

Signature Issues

Raising wages and lowering prices – Doherty says she would fight to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour and take action to stop corporate price gouging.

Good governance and promoting democracy – Doherty would push for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, stop partisan gerrymandering of political districts and act to prevent insider trading by politicians.

Doherty issued a press release in January where she listed the top priorities of her campaign. They include sustainable rural economic growth, small business development and “innovative job-creating energy solutions” in addition to a woman’s right to choose and passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.


Doherty is an educational consultant with Doherty Educational Consultants and is running for office for the first time.


APN interviewed Doherty and her primary opponent in March.

Lexy Doherty went on Tim Bryant’s show on WGAU in January:

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