Allen Jones

Allen Jones

Allen Jones, former candidate for District 7 Commissioner

Allen Jones ran in 2022 to be the commissioner from District 7 in Athens, Georgia. Jones is the founder of the Timothy Road advocacy group Timothy Forward and has a career in technology analysis and education.

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Election Results

2022 Local Election

John Culpepper 55.0%
Allen Jones – 45.0%

Signature Issues

Alternative Transportation and the Environment – Jones is well-known for his advocacy for sidewalks and bike lanes, especially in the Timothy Road area. He feels that expanding our network of sidewalks and multi-use paths will make Athens safer, healthier and will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. He is also an advocate for cleaning up our rivers and improving air quality.

Economic Development – Jones wants to encourage large employers who pay living wages to relocate to Athens while encouraging the development of a tech incubator here in town. He intends to help Athens’ workforce prepare for the disruptive nature of what he calls a “technology revolution.” He prefers to incentivize good behavior in Athens employers rather than “plac[ing] restrictive policies” on them which might “make them want to look elsewhere.”

LGBTQ Advocacy – Jones has promised to boost Athens’ score on the Human Rights Campaign’s municipal equality index to 100% by the end of his first term in office.


Jones served on the advisory committee for TSPLOST 2023, attended ACC gov’s citizen government academy and was the 2019 Keep Athens Clarke County Beautiful Citizen of the Year. As a self-described “local politics wonk,” Jones is a regular at city hall meetings where he has advocated for alternative transportation and a more inclusive community for years.


Jones went on Tim Bryant’s radio show in February shortly after he announced that he was running for commission:

Jones also did an interview on WUGA in March:


Allen has been endorsed by State Representative Spencer Frye, ACC Commissioner Carol Myers, former ACC Mayor Heidi Davison, the ACC Democratic party and by the LGTBQ advocacy group Georgia Equality.

Political Affiliation

Primary Ballots: Jones nearly always takes Democratic primary ballots.
Donations: Jones donated $300 to Commissioner Mike Hamby in 2020.
Inferred Party: Democrat