2021 Local Ordinances

Ordinances / Resolutions of Note

  1. Approve Apartments Near Airport
  2. Give Public Land for a New Parking Deck

Approve Apartments Near Airport

The commission rejected a developer’s request to build apartments within the airport’s overlay zone, something that requires special approval. Despite offering to make twelve of the 112 units in the proposed complex affordable, and despite an amendment by Commissioners Parker and Houle to require extra sound proofing, the permit was denied. Commissioners voting no were concerned about safety issues or simply thought they could get a better deal from another developer.

Voting yes on approval: Davenport, Parker, Link, Denson, Houle
Voting no: Wright, Edwards, Myers, Thornton, Hamby, Girtz
Absent: none

Proposal made by: Parker

Failed on January 6, 2021

Give Public Land for a New Parking Deck

In a joint deal between the local government, Athens Downtown Development Authority (ADDA), Classic Center and Landmark Properties, the commission considered granting land to the ADDA for a parking lot in-between Hickory, Willow and East Broad streets. ADDA would lease the land to Landmark Properties, who would build the deck and pay the ADDA $150,000 per year, which would go to the Classic Center.

Commissioner Denson added in an opt-out clause for the local government, and then made a motion to hand over the land to the ADDA, in anticipation of unspecified “community benefits” that have apparently been negotiated in private. However, a majority of commissioners chose to deny the request, and the entire deal was rejected.

Voting yes to give the land: Parker, Denson, Houle, Edwards
Voting no: Davenport, Link, Wright, Myers, Thornton, Hamby
Absent: none

Proposal made by: Denson

After this vote failed, there was a vote to deny the ADDA’s request. That vote passed 9-1, with Commissioner Edwards as the lone no vote.

Failed on January 6, 2021