Carol Myers

Commissioner Carol Myers, District 8

Commissioner Carol Myers
Commissioner Carol Myers

2021 – present

Represents Green Acres, Cedar Creek, College Station Road and Cedar Shoals Drive areas.
Myers’ Website

Carol Myers is a former educator and Dean of General Education at Athens Tech. She is a director for BikeAthens, Complete Streets Athens and was the chair of the Athens in Motion commission before becoming an ACC Commissioner. She was also part of the 100% Athens project, an advocacy group promoting 100% renewable energy for Athens by 2035.

Myers has a PhD in Adult Education from the University of Georgia.

Primary Ballots: Myers always takes Democratic ballots in primary elections.
Donations: Myers donated to Jonathan Wallace (D) in 2018 and 2020, Mokah Jasmine Johnson (D) in 2020 and Deborah Gonzalez (D) in 2020. Myers also donated to Ralph Nader (I) in 2008.

Myers is a member of the ACC Democratic Committee.

Inferred Party: Democrat

Signature Issues

The “Greening” of Athens — Myers has been active in 100% Athens, a group who successfully pushed the commission to formally adopt a resolution in favor of 100% clean energy by 2035. Her 2020 platform included transitioning the ACC government away from fossil fuels by 2035, and the rest of Athens by 2050.

Alternative Transportation Myers’ 2020 platform included support for complete streets throughout Athens (including sidewalks and bike lanes) and an improved bus system, with the goal to reduce traffic fatalities to zero.


Myers also went on Tim Bryant’s radio show on WGAU on November 14, 2019:

Voting Record

Approve Apartments Near Airport: NO
Give Public Land for a New Parking Deck: NO
Approve Apartments off Lexington Road: NO
Approve Taser Contract: YES
Approve Linnentown Resolution: YES
Extend the Firefly Trail on original route: YES
Fund Athens Eats Together: YES
Delay Project Reset: NO
Approve FY 2022 Budget: YES
Approve Official Homeless Camp: YES
Establish Local Anti-Discrimination Protections: YES
Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for ACC Gov Employees: YES
Install Downtown Public Restroom: YES
Fund Non-Police Crisis Response Team: YES
Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day: YES
Approve AFDC to Run Eviction Prevention Program: absent

(More information about 2021 votes.)

Election Results

2020 Local Election
Carol Myers 55.2%
Kamau Hull – 30.8%
Andrea Farnham – 14.0%