Carol Myers

Commissioner Carol Myers
Commissioner Carol Myers

Commissioner Carol Myers, District 8

2021 – present

Represents Green Acres, College Station Road, Gaines School Road and Whitehall Road areas.
Myers’ Website

Carol Myers is a former educator and Dean of General Education at Athens Tech. She is a director for BikeAthens, Complete Streets Athens and was the chair of the Athens in Motion commission before becoming an ACC Commissioner. She was also part of the 100% Athens project, an advocacy group promoting 100% renewable energy for Athens by 2035.

Myers has a PhD in Adult Education from the University of Georgia.

Primary Ballots: Myers always takes Democratic ballots in primary elections.
Donations: Myers donated to Raphael Warnock (D) and Deborah Gonzalez (D) in 2020 in addition to many other progressive candidates and human rights organizations over the years.

Myers is a dues-paying member of the ACC Democratic Committee.

Inferred Party: Democrat

Signature Issues

Clean and Renewable Energy Myers has been a strong advocate for renewable energy even before she was elected to the commission. She was part of 100% Athens, a group which successfully pushed the commission to formally adopt a resolution in favor of 100% clean energy by 2035.

Since then, she has continued to follow through and ensure that the plan is adopted. She has supported additional solar installations for the ACC Library as well as energy audits and efficiency improvements for government buildings. She voted to purchase hybrid vehicles, she pushed for electric vehicle charging stations in new developments and she was heavily involved in a significant update to the county’s sustainable building policy in 2021.

Transportation Safety and Choices Myers is an avid cyclist and was the former chair of the Athens in Motion Commission, an advisory group which seeks to expand Athens’ network of sidewalks and bike lanes. Myers has been a strong advocate for complete streets throughout Athens including sidewalks and protected bike lanes such as those along Prince Avenue.

She supports an improved bus system (including fare-free rides) and successfully pushed for a Vision Zero Coordinator to help Athens towards the goal of reducing traffic fatalities to zero. She was also heavily involved in revising Athens’ complete streets policy in 2022.

A More Equitable Community — Myers strongly supported the Linnentown Resolution, including a form of reparations for those affected by urban renewal.

Voting Record

Fund the Athens Homeless Coalition / Salvation Army: NO
Raise the Stormwater Fee: YES
Approve the Leisure Services Master Plan: YES
Regulate Short-Term Rentals: YES
Block Townhomes in Green Acres: YES

(More information about 2024 votes.)

Delay Barber Street Improvements: NO
Approve Mall Redevelopment: YES
Restart the Eviction Prevention Program: YES
Recognize the Firefighter’s Union: YES
Approve the FY 2024 Budget: YES, NO
Ban Indoor Vaping: YES
Start Delinquency Prevention Initiative: YES
Place Public Safety Monitor in Auditor’s Office: YES
Accept Affordable Housing Investment Strategy: YES
Accept Plan to Reduce and Prevent Homelessness: YES
Reject Pet Registration: YES
Close First Step Encampment and Extend Hotel Voucher Program: YES

(More information about 2023 votes.)

Approve TSPLOST 2023 Project List: YES
Appoint Public Safety Oversight Board: YES
Approve American Rescue Plan Framework: YES
Raise Commissioner Salaries: YES
Adopt Inclusionary Zoning Policy: YES
Adopt Complete Streets Policy: YES
Approve FY 2023 Budget: YES
Celebrate Pride Month and Juneteenth: YES
Approve 1010 Oglethorpe Avenue: YES
Begin Prince Avenue Road Diet Pilot: YES
Decriminalize Cannabis: YES
Approve the 100% Clean Energy Plan: YES
Create Homelessness Plan: YES
Authorize Eminent Domain for Firefly Trail: YES
Change Planning Department Work Plan: YES
Recognize Firefighters’ Union: NO
Allow Accessory Dwelling Units: YES
Keep Three Lanes on Prince Avenue: YES

(More information about 2022 votes.)

Approve Apartments Near Airport: NO
Give Public Land for a New Parking Deck: NO
Approve Apartments off Lexington Road: NO
Approve Taser Contract: YES
Approve Linnentown Resolution: YES
Extend the Firefly Trail on original route: YES
Fund Athens Eats Together: YES
Delay Project Reset: NO
Approve FY 2022 Budget: YES
Approve Official Homeless Camp: YES
Establish Local Anti-Discrimination Protections: YES
Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for ACC Gov Employees: YES
Install Downtown Public Restroom: YES
Fund Non-Police Crisis Response Team: YES
Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day: YES
Approve AFDC to Run Eviction Prevention Program: absent
Establish a Law Enforcement Oversight Board: YES
Establish a Human Relations Commission: YES
Accept JAG Grant: YES
Approve New Commission Districts: YES

(More information about 2021 votes.)


APN interviewed Myers on March 29, 2024 during her campaign for re-election:

Myers also went on Tim Bryant’s radio show on WGAU on November 14, 2019:

Election Results

2020 Local Election
Carol Myers 55.2%
Kamau Hull – 30.8%
Andrea Farnham – 14.0%