Spencer Frye

Spencer Frye, headshot, smiling at the cameraRepresentative Frye, District 122 (D)

2013 – present

Office: 604-B Coverdell
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Human Relations & Aging
Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight (Vice Chairman)
Public Health
Creative Arts & Entertainment
Game, Fish & Parks
Urban Affairs
Ways & Means

Signature Policies

Expanding Medicaid – From Spencer Frye’s website: “It simply costs more to provide treatment to people who aren’t insured… let’s do what makes sense and invest in our healthcare system.”

Affordable Housing – As Executive Director of Athens Habitat for Humanity, one of Spencer Frye’s priorities has been the creation of affordable and workforce housing.

Voting Record

Renter Protection Act: YES
Criminalize Protest: NO
Paid Parental Leave: YES
Require ICE Detainers: NO
Require Cash Bail: NO
Rush Vote Tallying: NO
School Vouchers: NO

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Expand TANF Benefits: YES
Lowering Drug Costs: YES
Renter Protection Act: YES
Limit Construction Moratoria: YES
Mental Healthcare Reform: absent
Impose Mandatory Minimums: NO
Require Cash Bail: NO
Oversee Prosecuting Attorneys: NO
Ban Gender-Affirming Treatment: NO
Private School Vouchers: NO

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ACC Homestead Exemption: YES
Mental Health Parity Act: YES
Ban “Divisive Concepts”: NO
Sex Discrimination Protection: YES
Complicate Voting: NO
Allow Permitless Carry: NO
Expand Postpartum Medicaid: YES

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COVID Immunity for Businesses: NO
Paid Parental Leave: YES
Ban Banning Natural Gas: NO
Ban the Defunding of Police: NO
Tax Airbnb and VRBO: YES
End the Citizen’s Arrest: YES
Expand Education Vouchers: NO
Restrict Absentee Voting: no vote in House
Allow Early End to Probation: YES
Criminalize Protest: no vote in House
Omnibus Voter Suppression: NO

Collect Internet Sales Tax: absent
Fight Hate Crimes: YES
Adopt Budget: NO
“Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights”: NO
License / Criminalize Hemp: YES
Stop Burning Creosote RR Ties: YES (co-sponsor)
Ban Surprise Medical Bills: YES
Get Tough on Gangs: NO
Postpartum Medicaid Coverage: YES
Raise Coal Ash Fee: YES
Expunge More Criminal Records: YES
Restrict Signature Bonds: NO
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Protect Confederate Monuments: NO
Require Schools Allow Recess: YES
Apply for Medicaid Waivers: NO
Takeover the Atlanta Airport: NO
Improve EMS Transparency: YES
Buy Voting Machines: NO
Protect Renters from Retaliation: YES
Impose Additional Penalties for Committing Hate Crimes: YES
Ban Abortion: NO
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Election Results

Frye ran unopposed in 2022.

Frye ran unopposed in 2020.

Frye ran unopposed in 2018.

Frye ran unopposed in 2016.

Frye ran unopposed in 2014.

General Election
Spencer Frye (D): 70.4%
Carter Kessler (R): 29.6%

Democratic Primary
Spencer Frye: 55.3%
Keith Heard (incumbent): 44.7%