Tiffany Taylor

Commissioner Tiffany Taylor

Commissioner Tiffany Taylor, District 3

2023 – present

Represents parts of east Athens, all of Winterville and surrounding areas and some neighborhoods off Lexington and Morton Roads.

Taylor’s Facebook page

Taylor is the founder and director of Mothers of Black Sons, a nonprofit dedicated to the growth and social development of young Black men, but has never before run for public office.

Graduate of Cedar Shoals High School (2006)

Primary Ballots: Taylor took a Democratic primary ballot in 2020.
Inferred Party: Democrat, based solely on the one partisan primary ballot from 2020.

Taylor was endorsed by the ACC Democratic party during the 2022 election.

Signature Issues

Fighting for East Athens: Taylor has fought for resources for inner east Athens during her first term. In February 2024, she succeeded in getting 70% of downtown TAD revenue allocated to east Athens.

Reopening Community Centers: Taylor advocated for reopening community centers in Broadacres and Parkview using funding from Athens’ share of the American Rescue Plan. Together with Commissioner Deter Fisher, she was able to secure funding for the Boys and Girls Club to reopen the centers in August 2023.

During the 2022 campaign, Taylor issued a press release detailing her background and areas of focus:

“’Being raised in Nellie B, I was exposed to the disparities of living in low income housing and how it affects those around you as well as the children that come after you,’ says Tiffany, herself a mother of three. In addition to youth development, Tiffany intends to apply her lived expertise to address the affordable housing crisis, equity for low-wage workers and community-based crime prevention as commissioner.”

Voting Record

Fund the Athens Homeless Coalition / Salvation Army: YES
Raise the Stormwater Fee: YES
Approve the Leisure Services Master Plan: YES
Regulate Short-Term Rentals: YES
Block Townhomes in Green Acres: YES
Approve Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter: YES
Overturn Restrictions on Public Comment: YES
Fund Athens Achieves: NO
Approve FY 2025 Budget: YES

(More information about 2024 votes.)

Delay Barber Street Improvements: YES
Approve Mall Redevelopment: YES
Restart the Eviction Prevention Program: YES
Recognize the Firefighter’s Union: YES
Approve the FY 2024 Budget: YES, YES
Ban Indoor Vaping: YES
Start Delinquency Prevention Initiative: YES
House Public Safety Monitor in Auditor’s Office: YES
Accept Affordable Housing Investment Strategy: YES
Accept Plan to Reduce and Prevent Homelessness: YES
Reject Pet Registration: NO
Close First Step Encampment and Extend Hotel Voucher Program: YES

(More information about 2023 votes.)


Election Results

2022 Local Election

Tiffany Taylor 54.0%
Asia Thomas – 46.0%