2023 Candidates for Athens, GA

Who’s running for office in Athens, GA in 2023? What do the candidates stand for? Let’s review the coming local, state and federal elections.

ACC Special Election: November 7, 2023

Clerk of Superior Court

Elisa Zarate
Andrew Griffeth

This special election will fill the vacancy caused by Beverly Logan’s resignation. This is a nonpartisan election, but voters may want to know that Elisa Zarate exclusively takes Democratic party ballots in primaries while Griffeth usually takes Republican ballots. Zarate has been endorsed by the ACC Democratic Party.

Winterville Local Election: November 7, 2023


Dodd Ferrelle (incumbent)

City Council

Melissa Metzger (incumbent)
Diane Greene
Jonathan Mosley
Kenneth Tweedell

(pick two)

A special election will be held at the same time as the general election to fill the seat left vacant by Timothy Pierce-Tomlin’s resignation, but there’s only one candidate to choose from.

City Council Special Election

Tina Mills

Presidential Preference Primary: March 12, 2024

Republican Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump
Ron DeSantis
Mike Pence
Vivek Ramaswamy
Nikki Haley
Tim Scott

Democratic Presidential Candidates

Joe Biden (incumbent)
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Marianne Williamson

Local Election and Primary: May 16, 2024

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