2022 Candidates for Athens, GA

Who’s running for office in Athens, GA in 2022? What do the candidates stand for? Let’s review the coming local, state and federal elections.

General Election: November 8, 2022

US Senate

Raphael Warnock (D) [incumbent]
Herschel Walker (R)

US House of Representatives, District 10

Tabitha Johnson-Green (D)
Mike Collins (R)


Stacey Abrams (D)
Brian Kemp (R) [incumbent]

Lieutenant Governor

Charlie Bailey (D)
Burt Jones (R)

Secretary of State

Bee Nguyen (D)
Brad Raffensperger (R) [incumbent]

Attorney General

Jen Jordan (D)
Chris Carr (R) [incumbent]

Agriculture Commissioner

Nakita Hemmingway (D)
Tyler Harper (R)

Insurance Commissioner

Janice Laws Robinson (D)
John King (R) [incumbent]

State School Superintendent

Alisha Searcy (D)
Richard Woods (R) [incumbent]

Labor Commissioner

William Boddie, Jr. (D)
Bruce Thompson (R)

Public Service Commissioner, District 2

Patty Durand (D)
Tim Echols (R) [incumbent]

Public Service Commissioner, District 3

Shelia Edwards (D)
Fitz Johnson (R) [incumbent]

State Senate, District 46

Andrew Ferguson (D)
Bill Cowsert (R) [incumbent]

State Senate, District 47

Conolus Scott, Jr. (D)
Frank Ginn (R) [incumbent]

State House, District 120

Mokah Jasmine Johnson (D)
Houston Gaines (R) [incumbent]

State House, District 121

Jeff Auerbach (D)
Marcus Wiedower (R) [incumbent]

State House, District 122

Spencer Frye (D) [incumbent]

State House, District 124

Kat Howkins (D)
Trey Rhodes (R) [incumbent]


Athens-Clarke County Homestead Exemption

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