2020 Candidates for Athens, GA

Who’s running for office in Athens, GA? What do the candidates stand for? Let’s review the coming local, state and federal elections:

(Qualifying is March 6. 2020 candidates are not official before this date.)

Presidential Primary: March 24, 2020

Analysis of the 2020 Presidential candidates

Local Election / State Primary: May 19, 2020

US Senate, Democratic Primary (seat 1)

Sarah Riggs Amico
Jon Ossoff
Ted Terry
Teresa Tomlinson

US Senate, Democratic Primary (seat 2)

Matt Lieberman

Sheriff, Democratic Primary

Ira Edwards [incumbent] John Q Williams [challenger]

There are no Republican candidates running for Sheriff as of yet.
The next Sheriff faces a major challenge surrounding deputy recruitment, retention and morale.

District Attorney, Democratic Primary

Deborah Gonzalez [candidate] Brian Patterson [candidate]

There are no Republican candidates running for District Attorney as of yet.
The current DA, Ken Mauldin, is not seeking re-election.

Commission, District 2

Mariah Parker [incumbent]

Commission, District 4

Allison Wright [incumbent]

Commission, District 6

Jerry NeSmith [incumbent]

Commission, District 8

Andrea Farnham [candidate] Kamau Hull [candidate] Carol Myers [candidate]

Commission, District 10

Mike Hamby [incumbent] Devon Spiva [challenger]

Board of Education, District 2

Open seat

Board of Education, District 4

Patricia Yager [incumbent]

Board of Education, District 6

Charles Worthy [incumbent]

Board of Education, District 8

John Knox [incumbent]

General Election: Nov 3, 2020


Donald Trump (R) [incumbent] Democratic nominee [challenger]

US Senate, seat 1

David Perdue (R) [incumbent] Democratic nominee [challenger]

US Senate, seat 2

Republican nominee [candidate] Democratic nominee [candidate]

US House, district 9

Doug Collins (R) [incumbent]

US House, district 10

Jody Hice (R) [incumbent] Democratic nominee [challenger]

State Senate, district 46

Bill Cowsert (R) [incumbent]

State Senate, district 47

Frank Ginn (R) [incumbent]

State House, district 117

Houston Gaines (R) [incumbent] Mokah Jasmine-Johnson (D) [challenger]

State House, district 118

Spencer Frye (D) [incumbent]

State House, district 119

Marcus Wiedower (R) [incumbent]

Public Service Commission, district 1

H. Doug Everett (R) [incumbent]

Public Service Commission, district 4

Bubba McDonald (R) [incumbent] Daniel Blackman (D) [challenger]