2023 Local Ordinances

Ordinances / Resolutions of Note

  1. Delay Barber Street Bike / Ped Improvements
  2. Approve Mall Redevelopment
  3. Restart the Eviction Prevention Program

Delay Barber Street Bike / Pedestrian Improvements

The ACC Commission has been debating making changes on Barber Street to improve bike and pedestrian safety. The current plan was to add a multi-use path, which would have removed some of the parking spaces between Boulevard and Prince Avenue. Some commissioners felt there had not been enough public comment, and hesitated to approve the $7 million project concept. Instead, they tabled the project indefinitely.

Voting yes to delay Barber Street improvements: Taylor, Wright, Fisher, Culpepper, Thornton, Hamby
Voting no: Davenport, Houle, Myers
Absent: none

Proposal made by: Wright

Passed on February 7, 2023

Approve Mall Redevelopment

The ACC Commission approved a near-total redevelopment of the Georgia Square Mall, leaving Belk and the surrounding area. According to the Flagpole, the redevelopment will add “70,000 square feet of new commercial space and 1,200 apartments, townhouses and senior living units…10% of the apartments will be set aside at below-market rents for 20 years, and reduced-rent commercial space will be set aside for the Clarke County School District, the Boys & Girls Club, and women- and minority-owned businesses.”

Voting yes to approve the Mall redevelopment: Davenport, Taylor, Wright, Fisher, Houle, Culpepper, Myers, Thornton, Hamby
Voting no: none
Absent: none

Proposal made by: Houle

Passed on March 7, 2023

Restart the Eviction Prevention Program

The ACC Commission voted 9-1 to restart an eviction prevention program that stalled out in 2022. Family Promise of Athens, working in partnership with The Ark, will revive the program and attempt to make some improvements on it. They’ll receive $900,000 from the American Rescue Plan to help them do that, funding which the commission allocated to eviction prevention but so far has been left unspent.

Check out APN’s article on this commission meeting for more information.

Voting yes to restart the eviction prevention program: Davenport, Link, Taylor, Wright, Fisher, Houle, Culpepper, Myers, Hamby
Voting no: Thornton
Absent: none

Proposal made by: Houle

Passed on May 2, 2023