Frank Ginn

Frank Ginn, close up.

Senator Ginn, District 47 (R)

2011 – present

office: (404) 656-4700
cell: (706) 680-4466
Office: 121-I Capitol
Frank’s Website

Natural Resources and the Environment (Ex-Officio)
Regulated Industries and Utilities
Transportation (Chairman)
Economic Development and Tourism

Signature Policies

Reduce the Size of Government: Frank Ginn’s website claims that he is “a defender of local taxpayers against an endless stream of state regulations.”

Creating a Business-Friendly Environment: Ginn supports tax breaks to help relocate out of state businesses to Georgia. He also opposes unions and minimum wage increases.


Steel Beam Scandal: Ginn says a construction company gave him some steel beams, completely free of charge, leftover from a bridge project in Madison County worth an estimated $31,000. As the former chairman of the Georgia Senate Transportation Committee, Ginn was in a position to influence state contracts that this company, ER Snell, might bid on in the future. Ginn says he sold the beams to a recycling center for $10,000.

Read an article on this scandal from the FOX-5 investigative team.

Voting Record

Renter Protection Act: YES
Paid Parental Leave: NO
Expand Medicaid: NO
Require ICE Detainers: YES
Puberty Blocker Ban: YES
Require Cash Bail: YES
Rush Vote Tallying: YES
School Vouchers: YES
Bar Library Association Funding: YES

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Expand TANF Benefits: YES
Limit Construction Moratoria: YES
Impose Mandatory Minimums: YES
Require Cash Bail: YES
Oversee Prosecuting Attorneys: YES
Ban Gender-Affirming Treatment: YES
Private School Vouchers: YES

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ACC Homestead Exemption: YES
Mental Health Parity Act: YES
Ban “Divisive Concepts”: YES
Sex Discrimination Protection: did not vote
Criminalize Protest: YES
Allow Permitless Carry: YES
Expand Postpartum Medicaid: YES
Ban the Abortion Pill: YES
Mandate Cash Bail: YES

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COVID Immunity for Businesses: YES
Paid Parental Leave: YES
Ban Banning Natural Gas: YES
Ban the Defunding of Police: YES
Tax Airbnb and VRBO: YES
End the Citizen’s Arrest: NO
Expand Education Vouchers: YES
Restrict Absentee Voting: YES
Allow Early End to Probation: excused
Criminalize Protest: no vote in Senate
Omnibus Voter Suppression: YES

Collect Internet Sales Tax: YES
Fight Hate Crimes: NO
Adopt Budget: YES
“Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights”: YES
License / Criminalize Hemp: YES
Stop Burning Creosote RR Ties: YES
Ban Surprise Medical Bills: YES
Postpartum Medicaid Coverage: YES
Raise Coal Ash Fee: YES
Expunge More Criminal Records: YES
Restrict Signature Bonds: YES
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Protect Confederate Monuments: YES
Require Schools Allow Recess: YES
Apply for Medicaid Waivers: YES
Takeover the Atlanta Airport: NO
Improve EMS Transparency: YES
Buy Voting Machines: YES
Protect Renters from Retaliation: YES
Ban Abortion: YES
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Election Results

2024 Republican Primary

Frank Ginn — 62.2%
Ross Harvin — 37.8%

2022 General Election

Frank Ginn (R, incumbent) — 62.0%
Conolus Scott, Jr. (D) — 38.0%

2022 Republican Primary

Frank Ginn (incumbent) – 66.1%
Ross Harvin – 20.6%
Charlie Chase — 13.3%

2020 General Election

Frank Ginn (R) – 65.9%
Dawn Johnson (D) – 34.1%