Jon Ossoff

US Senator Jon Ossoff
Photo / Julia Beverly

US Senator Jon Ossoff (D)

2021 – present

(202) 224-3521 (DC)
Ossoff’s Website

Homeland Security

Signature Issues

Fighting Political Corruption – “Political corruption threatens our republic and the future of the planet.”

During his 2020 campaign, Ossoff pledged to fight money in politics and cites the example of the NRA blocking universal background checks as a type of corruption he would oppose.

Election Results

2020 Runoff

Jon Ossoff – 50.4%
David Perdue (R) – 49.6%

2020 General Election

David Perdue (R) – 49.7%
Jon Ossoff (D) – 48.0%
Shane Hazel (L) – 2.3%


Past Experience

Ossoff worked as a national security staffer in DC and as an aide to Rep. Hank Johnson for five years. He was the CEO of Insight TWI, a investigative journalism company which creates documentary films.