David Perdue

US Senator David PerdueFormer US Senator David Perdue (R)

2015 – 2021

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Signature Policies

Support for Donald Trump and other “Outsiders”: David Perdue believes that Trump’s economic policies helped the American economy. He believes that the best politicians are businessmen, like himself, who come from outside Washington.

Support for Small Government / Big Business: During his 2020 campaign, Perdue claimed to support tax cuts for businesses paid for by enormous cuts to government spending.

Election Results

2020 General Election Runoff

Jon Ossoff – 50.4%
David Perdue (R) – 49.6%

2020 General Election

David Perdue (R) – 49.7%
Jon Ossoff (D) – 48.0%
Shane Hazel (L) – 2.3%


According to Open Secrets, Perdue’s top contributors were the Club for Growth, Home Depot and Delta Airlines. His donors’ top industries are “retired,” securities, finance and real estate.