Jody Hice

Jody Hice, US Representative from GeorgiaJody Hice (R), Former US Representative of GA10

2015 – 2022

Jody Hice’s Website

Signature Policies

Conservative Christian Fundamentalism: Jody Hice strongly opposes abortion, he believes that women should seek the approval of their husbands before running for public office and he supports gay conversion therapy.

Conservative Fiscal Fundamentalism: Hice supports a balanced budget amendment, eliminating the IRS with a “fair tax,” making deep cuts to taxes and government services and auditing the Federal Reserve.

Election Results

2022 Republican Primary

Brad Raffensperger (incumbent) – 52.4%
Jody Hice — 33.3%
David Belle Isle — 8.8%
TJ Hudson — 5.5%

2020 General Election

Jody Hice (R) – 62.3%
Tabitha Johnson-Green (D) – 37.7%

2018 General Election

Jody Hice (R) – 62.9%
Tabitha Johnson-Green (D) – 37.1%

Hice ran unopposed in 2016, with the exception of Leonard Ware, a write-in candidate.

2014 General Election

Jody Hice (R) – 66.5%
Ken Dious (D) – 33.5%


According to Open Secrets, Hice’s top contributors are the House Freedom Fund, Southern Company, AFLAC, Home Depot and Janus Research. The top industries of his donors are: “retired,” real estate, Republican / Conservative and retail sales.


Refusal to certify election results / support for insurgents

Before the terrorist attack on the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021, Hice urged his supporters to “FIGHT!” and tweeted “This is our 1776 moment.” He then voted against certifying the 2020 election results due to false rumors of election fraud.

The ACC Democratic party has called for Hice’s removal from office, saying that he has “violated his oath of office.” ACC Commissioners Melissa Link and Mariah Parker have also called for his removal.