Asia Thomas

Asia Thomas

Asia Thomas, former candidate for District 3 Commissioner

Asia Thomas ran to be District 3 commissioner in Athens, Georgia in 2022.

Election Results

2022 Local Election

Tiffany Taylor 54.0%
Asia Thomas – 46.0%

Signature Issues

Thomas mentioned three areas of focus on her website: economic development, youth development and civic engagement.


Thomas has been involved in many local organizations as a community activist but had never run for public office before.


Thomas is officially “recommended” by Athens Classic, an Athens Clean and Safe PAC partner organization.


Thomas went on Tim Bryant’s radio show in March after announcing her candidacy.

Political Affiliation

Thomas accepted a $1,000 donation from Steve Middlebrooks, CEO of Heyward Allen Toyota, Republican donor and fundraiser for Athens Clean and Safe PAC.

Primary Ballots: Thomas does not vote in primaries.
Inferred Party: There is no evidence that Thomas is connected to any political party.