Audrey Hughes

Audrey Hughes

Audrey Hughes, Candidate for District 1 Commissioner

Audrey Hughes is running in 2022 to be the next commissioner from District 1 in Athens, Georgia.

Hughes’ website

Signature Issues

Equity for the Eastside — By “equity,” Hughes does not mean racial equity, but instead “placing the needs of the eastside on a level playing field with the downtown area and the westside.”

Lower Taxes – Hughes supports lower property taxes in Athens, especially those “living in areas that do not receive all city services; such as municipal water, sewer, and access to public transportation.” Property tax rates, however, apply to everyone countywide.

Responsible Spending – Hughes promises to “spend tax dollars responsibly and wisely,” implying that she believes tax dollars are not currently well-spent.

Environmental Sustainability – Hughes wants to “promote native, water-wise plants in landscapes” and to “make a plan for future growth that protects biodiversity while providing for the economic needs of the community.”


Hughes has taught middle-school science in Athens for the past 30 years, but she has no previous political experience.


Political Affiliation

Primary Ballots: Hughes took a Democratic primary ballot in 2020.
Inferred Party: Democrat, based solely on the one partisan primary ballot from 2020.

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