Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs, candidate for ACC Commission, District 2

Jason Jacobs, owner of the Cheeky Peach, is running for ACC Commission in District 2.

Jacob’s website

Signature Issues

Opposition to low-barrier homeless shelters — Jacobs has strongly criticized the local government’s approach to reducing homelessness. For example, he has dismissed the now defunct First Step encampment as inefficient and ineffective. He opposes plans to provide shelter without doing criminal background checks or having requirements for sobriety. Jacobs wants to see a less costly program that addresses what he feels are the root causes of homelessness, which are substance abuse and mental health issues, as opposed to a housing first-style approach.

Jacobs recently served a couple of months on the board of the Athens Homeless Coalition before stepping down. His resignation came just after the tragic murder of college student Laken Riley. In his resignation letter, he indicated that he felt homeless people may be dangerous and that the coalitions’ efforts would only bring more into the county. He wrote that he “cannot in good conscience” be a part of the organization any more. Jacobs continued, writing that he felt the work of the Athens Homeless Coalition was not “having any positive effect on Athens.”

Public Safety — Jacobs wants to see more police downtown and fewer homeless people in parks.

Lowering Property Taxes — When it comes to funding government, Jacobs wants to put more of a emphasis on bringing in tourist dollars through enhanced sales tax collection rather than on property taxes. He would like to cut red tape to make it easier for new businesses to open.

Bringing People Together — Jacobs says that Commissioner Melissa Link, his opponent, sometimes uses rhetoric that pushes people away. Instead of criticizing Republicans or shaming them for their beliefs, he wants to bring both sides of the aisle together to solve problems.

Party Affiliation

Jacobs consistently takes Republican ballots in primaries.


Jacobs is the owner of the Cheeky Peach, a downtown clothing store. He attended UGA where he majored in mathematics and played baseball. After graduation, he played for three different minor league teams from 2006 to 2009. He has never run for elected office before.

Interviews and Media

APN interviewed Jacobs and his 2024 opponent in April:

Right-wing group Athens Classic held a candidate forum on March 27, 2024 with a specific slate of candidates they support, which included Jacobs:

Jacobs went on Tim Bryant’s WGAU radio show on March 22:

Jacobs spoke in opposition to the local government’s plan to reduce homelessness last year: