Jeff Auerbach

Former candidate for State House, District 121

Jeff Auerbach, assistant professor of political science at Emory University–Oxford College, ran unsuccessfully for State House, District 121 in 2022.

Auerbach’s website

Signature Issues

Eat more feral hogs — Auerbach views Georgia regulations surrounding the use of feral hog meat as “wasteful and illogical.” He wants to work with the Georgia Agriculture Department to allow the processing, sale or donation of feral hog meat in the same manner as deer meat can be processed today.

Restore fathers’ legitimation at birth — Auerbach wants to allow fathers to have parental rights over their children at birth, if both parents agree. Currently, unmarried fathers must petition the courts for parental rights, even if they are listed on the birth certificate. This clogs state courts with unnecessary cases and is discriminatory against fathers, according to Auerbach.

Enact a state reinsurance program — Auerbach wants to enact a reinsurance program in Georgia, which would provide insurance for insurance companies. He argues that similar programs have successfully lowered the cost of insurance in other states.


Auerbach is a political economist and political scientist who teaches at Emory University–Oxford College. He is also a founder and the current head of data analytics at Left Hand Math LLC, a digital marketing data analytics firm. Auerbach is also a community volunteer and is currently the president-elect of the Rotary Club of the Classic City.


Election Results

2022 General Election

Marcus Wiedower (R, incumbent) — 60.4%
Jeff Auerbach (D) — 39.6%

Auerbach ran unopposed in the 2022 Democratic primary.