Jen Jordan

Jen Jordan, Candidate for Attorney General

Jen Jordan (D), current member of the Georgia Senate, is running for state Attorney General in 2022.

Jordan’s website

Signature Issues

Fighting Voter Suppression — Jordan promises to fight Republican voter suppression efforts and make sure every lawful vote is counted.

Environmental Justice — Jordan places emphasis on the Attorney General’s ability to fight for clean air and water by making sure environmental regulations are enforced equitably across all of Georgia.

Criminal Justice Reform — Jordan promises to “hold members of law enforcement accountable if they abuse their power.”


Jordan is currently a partner at Atlanta-based law firm Shamp, Jordan & Woodward and has been serving as state Senator for District 6 since she won a special election in 2017.

She has been an attorney in Georgia since 2002, focusing on “complex civil cases” including professional malpractice, investment fraud and class action lawsuits. In 2018, she won a case against an insurance company which refused to cover one woman’s breast cancer treatments, claiming it was a preexisting condition.

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