John Culpepper

John Culpepper

John Culpepper, District 7 Commissioner-Elect

John Culpepper is the commissioner-elect from District 7 in Athens, Georgia. He will take office in January 2023.

Culpepper’s website

Signature Issues

On his website, Culpepper issues include crime, traffic, infrastructure, homelessness and improving public education in Athens. Culpepper talks the most about education, but as commissioner, he would have no power over the school system which is under the purview of the Board of Education.


Culpepper is a small business owner and a lifelong resident of Athens, but does not appear to have any other relevant experience.


Culpepper’s 2022 opponent, Allen Jones, accused one of the lead organizers of Culpepper’s campaign of homophobia and harassment during the election. Culpepper’s organizer harassed Jones’ partner and said he was going to run both of them out of town. According to Jones, this organizer also posted a video to social media saying that Culpepper was “the only man” in the race. Culpepper has yet to issue a public statement about this incident.


Culpepper is officially “recommended” by Athens Classic, an Athens Clean and Safe PAC partner organization.


Culpepper went on Tim Bryant’s radio show in February shortly after he announced that he was running for commission.

Political Affiliation

Primary Ballots: Culpepper almost always takes Republican primary ballots, but not exclusively.
Donations: Culpepper donated $525 to Brian Kemp (R) in 2021, $500 to Houston Gaines (R) in 2020, $750 to Brian Kemp (R) in 2017 / 2018 and $500 to Charlie Bailey (D) in 2018.
Inferred Party: Republican

Election Results

2022 Local Election

John Culpepper 55.0%
Allen Jones – 45.0%