Nakita Hemingway

Nakita Hemingway, Candidate for Agriculture Commissioner

Nakita Hemingway (D) is running to be Georgia’s next Agriculture Commissioner. She is the first Black woman to run for this office.

Hemingway’s website

Signature Issues

Eradicate Child Hunger by 2025 – Hemingway promises to eradicate child hunger in Georgia on a very fast timetable. This will be quite challenging, because as she indicates, 377,400 children are currently facing hunger in Georgia. She would do this by establishing an emergency task force on child hunger and creating a state hunger authority.

Promote Local Food – Hemingway’s “Shop Georgia Local” plan will connect Georgia farmers with new markets for their produce by prioritizing local food in state procurement policies, invest in food distribution systems for Georgia farmers and launching a unified brand awareness and advocacy campaign.

Legalize Cannabis – Hemingway supports the full legalization of cannabis to create thousands of jobs and spur economic growth. She also has a “Farm Recovery” plan which will halt enforced crop destruction of cannabis and hemp plants, create a state regulatory and education authority on cannabis and hemp and create a “Rural Georgia Economic Accelerator” program.


Hemingway manages a real-estate practice and a small-cut flower farm. She ran unsuccessfully for the Georgia House of Representatives, District 104 in 2020.

Election Results

2022 Democratic Primary

Nakita Hemmingway 56.3%
Winfred Dukes – 28.6%
Fred Swann — 15.2%

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