Robert Hare

Robert Hare, candidate for SheriffFormer Candidate for Sheriff

Robert Hare (R) is a 9-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office and ran for Sheriff of Athens-Clarke County in 2020.

Robert Hare’s website

Election Results

Hare received 30.1% of the vote, losing to Sheriff John Q Williams.

Signature Issues

Reform of the Sheriff’s Office Hare has promised to expand the Sheriff’s Office training department to greatly increase training for new hires. He has also promised to end the culture of favoritism and to create a permanent recruiting team to fill vacancies.

Cooperation with ICE — Hare has stated that he will again begin cooperation with ICE if elected, including joining the 287(g) program.

Standing up to Athens for Everyone — Hare strongly opposes defunding the police and other priorities of the progressive group Athens for Everyone. He has stated that, as Sheriff, he will step up to save Athens if the police department is destroyed, expanding the responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office.


Hare had raised $5,325 as of 6/30/20, with $630 on hand.


Hare was a Sergeant with the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office with 9 years experience before resigning to run for office. He is a veteran of the US Marine Corps.


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