Tabitha Johnson-Green

Tabitha Johnson-Green, candidate for CongressCandidate for US House

Tabitha Johnson-Green (D) is running for Congress in 2020 to represent Georgia District 10.

Johnson-Green’s website

Signature Issues

Fighting Discrimination — Johnson-Green supports the Equality Act which would expand civil rights protections to include gender identity and sexual orientation.

Support for Social Security — Johnson-Green pledges she will never vote to raise the retirement age or cut retirement benefits for seniors. She wrongly states on her website that the Social Security Trust Fund has been “plundered to pay for endless wars, uneven tax cuts, and other expenses.”

Medicare-for-all — Johnson-Green is a supporter of Medicare-for-all as a way of expanding coverage and preventing bankruptcy due to medical bills.


Johnson-Green has raised $7,463 as of 6/30/20 and has $574 on hand.


Johnson-Green is a nurse who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2018.

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