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2020 General Election

Athens: 51,773 votes cast of 76,504 registered voters (67.7%)
Oconee: 25,399 votes cast of 30,071 registered voters (84.5%)

2020 Runoff

Athens: 46,275 votes cast of 78,148 registered voters (59.2%)
Oconee: 23,565 votes cast of 30,444 registered voters (77.4%)

Federal Offices

Senator Joe Biden
Senator Joe Biden


Joe Biden (D) – 49.5%
Donald Trump (R) – 49.3%
Jo Jorgensen – 1.2%

Joe Biden won Athens-Clarke County with 70.2% of the vote. 67.7% of Athens voters turned out, lower than in 2016 when 75.6% of Athens voters showed up. On the other hand, turnout was higher in raw numbers of voters.

Jon Ossoff (D)

US Senate, seat 1

General Election

David Perdue (R) – 49.7%
Jon Ossoff (D) – 48.0%
Shane Hazel (L) – 2.3%

Runoff Election

Jon Ossoff – 50.4%
David Perdue (R) – 49.6%

Rev. Raphael Warnock (D)

US Senate, seat 2

General Election

Raphael Warnock (D) – 32.9%
Kelly Loeffler (R) – 25.9%
Doug Collins (R) – 20.0%

Runoff Election

Raphael Warnock (D) – 50.8%
Kelly Loeffler (R) – 49.2%

Andrew Clyde, US Congressman
Andrew Clyde (R)

US Congress, district 9

Andrew Clyde (R) – 78.6%
Devin Pandy (D) – 21.4%

Gun store owner Andrew Clyde cruises easily to victory in US district 9 by about the same margin Republicans won the seat in 2018.

Rep. Jody Hice
Jody Hice (R)

US Congress, district 10

Jody Hice (R) – 62.3%
Tabitha Johnson-Green (D) – 37.7%

Representative Jody Hice wins an easy victory in a repeat of this district’s results from 2018.

State Offices

Jason Shaw, Public Service Commissioner
Jason Shaw (R)

Public Service Commissioner, district 1

Jason Shaw (R) – 50.1%
Robert Bryant (D) – 46.2%

Public Service Commissioner, district 4

Bubba McDonald
Bubba McDonald (R)

General Election

Bubba McDonald (R) – 49.9%
Daniel Blackman (D) – 47.0%
Nathan Wilson (L) – 3.1%

Runoff Election

Bubba McDonald (R) – 50.6%
Daniel Blackman (D) – 49.4%

Bill Cowsert
Bill Cowsert (R)

State Senator, district 46

Bill Cowsert (R) – 61.0%
Zachary Perry (D) – 39.0%

Frank Ginn
Frank Ginn (R)

State Senator, district 47

Frank Ginn (R) – 65.9%
Dawn Johnson (D) – 34.1%

Senator Frank Ginn wins another term, easily defeating challenger Dawn Johnson for the second time. Interestingly, Johnson slightly improved on her 2018 performance despite doing very little formal campaigning this time (as far as I know).

Houston Gaines
Houston Gaines (R)

State House, district 117

Houston Gaines (R) – 56.6%
Mokah Jasmine Johnson (D) – 43.4%

Representative Houston Gaines posts a solid win over entrepreneur and activist Mokah Jasmine Johnson with extremely strong turnout from Oconee County Republicans.

Marcus Wiedower (R)

State House, district 119

Marcus Wiedower (R) – 54.9%
Jonathan Wallace (D) – 45.2%

Representative Marcus Wiedower defeats Jonathan Wallace for the second time. He even increased his margin of victory by four points over his 2018 win.

Local Offices

James Chafin
James Chafin
Deborah Gonzalez
Deborah Gonzalez (D)

District Attorney, Western circuit

Deborah Gonzalez (D) – 48.4%
James Chafin – 35.0%
Brian Patterson (D) – 16.7%

Deborah Gonzalez heads to a runoff on December 1 after a very strong showing but not quite strong enough to win outright. She’ll face off against James Chafin, a Republican running as a non-partisan candidate. Interim District Attorney Brian Patterson was outflanked on his left by Gonzalez and on his right by Chafin, leaving only a few votes for him to earn.

Deborah Gonzalez
Deborah Gonzalez (D)

District Attorney Runoff

Deborah Gonzalez (D) – 51.7%
James Chafin – 48.3%

Turnout, total: 26,100 (24.5%)
Turnout, ACC: 16,919 (22.1%)
Turnout, Oconee: 9,181 (30.5%)

John Q Williams
John Q Williams (D)


John Q Williams (D) – 69.9%
Robert Hare (R) – 30.1%

John Q Williams trounces Robert Hare, closely mirroring Biden’s vote totals in Athens, and will become ACC’s next Sheriff.

Jesse Houle (D)

Commissioner, district 6

Jesse Houle (D) – 55.5%
Chad Lowery (R) – 44.6%

Jesse Houle defeats Chad Lowery to tack on an extra six weeks as commissioner to the front of their first term. They’ll take office this month. More importantly, this win blows away the asterisk that seemed sure to follow Houle’s name after winning the election in June by default. It turns out the people of district 6 want Houle to be their commissioner after all!

Amendments and Referenda

Amendment 1

YES – 81.6%
NO – 18.4%

Amendment 2

YES – 74.5%
NO – 25.5%

Statewide Referendum

YES – 73.1%
NO – 26.9%

For more info on the amendments and referenda, check out APN’s voter guide.

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