Redistricting: How will it affect Athens? | APN Podcast #3

APN talks political redistricting with Alex Vanden Heuvel and about the official homeless encampment with Charles Hardy of the Athens Alliance Coalition.

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Commission recap
5:08 – Interview with Charles Hardy
10:49 – Redistricting discussion

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Redistricting maps

Proposed ACC Commission Districts

Proposed 2021 commission maps

These proposed new districts have been approved by the mayor and commission, who sent them on to the state legislature for their final approval. However, the legislature can make any changes they wish, even very large changes, which would not need to be approved again by the commission. Therefore, we should not assume that these districts will end up being final.

New State House Districts

State house district map

New State Senate Districts

New US House Districts

New 2021 Georgia US House District map

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