Interview with Kirrena Gallagher

Kirrena Gallagher is running for ACC Board of Education in district 2.

0:04 – Why do you want to become a member of the School Board?

0:44 – How have you been involved in the Athens community, or in Clarke County schools, over the past few years?

2:12 – What are some student issues that you plan to address in your role as a school board member?

4:29 – Are there any other issues you would like to address as a top priority for your first term in office?

6:11 – In general, do you feel it’s the School Board’s job to challenge the superintendent and hold him or her accountable, or do you feel the job is more about supporting the superintendent’s vision and helping him or her achieve that vision?

7:45 – Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

10:45 – Is there anything I didn’t ask about that you’d like to mention?

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