Interview with John Q Williams

John Q Williams (D) is running for Sheriff in Athens-Clarke County in 2020. He will face off against Ira Edwards in the Democratic primary on May 19.

0:11 – Why do you want to be Sheriff?

1:08 – What qualifies you to hold this position? Why do you think you’ll make a better Sheriff than your opponent?

2:17 – What will your top priorities be in your first year in office?

3:57 – How will you address the problems the Sheriff’s office is facing with deputy morale, recruitment and retention?

5:32 – In a recent audit, some deputies reported being retaliated against for bringing up issues they face day-to-day at the jail. They say there is a culture of fear and intimidation in the Sheriff’s Office, and also favoritism shown to certain employees. How do you respond to that?

7:25 – The Sheriff’s Office was criticized by some community groups in 2018 for cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE. ICE had been requesting that undocumented people finding themselves in jail be held for an additional two days, after they would normally have been released. In that time, ICE would come pick them up and take them to a detention center. That practice is controversial, because many feel that it is an unconstitutional seizure under the 4th Amendment. What is your opinion on ICE detainers? Will you comply with them as Sheriff if you are elected?

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