Meet Police Chief Spruill

Police Chief Spruill started work with ACCPD this month:

Local News Update
February 2019

The Mayor and Commission hears a report on affordable housing while Police Chief Cleveland Spruill meets the people of Athens at a forum hosted by the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (AADM).

Can our new chief bring stability to the ACC Police Department -and- advance the cause of racial justice in Athens at the same time? To clarify a point towards the end of the video, I should say that undocumented residents in Georgia cannot receive driver’s licenses, unlike in some other states. This can cause difficulty doing everyday necessities like getting to work, because driving without a license can end in deportation.

Watch the full report on affordable housing from GICH.

You can read the Flagpole’s reporting on the GICH presentation here.

Listen to the full AADM forum with Chief Spruill.

You can visit the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement’s website here:

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