Oakridge Condos management lies to residents in intimidation attempt

Jade PMC, the company managing the Oakridge Condominiums apartment complex at 115 and 125 Berlin Street, has been caught lying to residents in an attempt to intimidate them.

A flyer placed on the doors at Oakridge Condominiums last Thursday.

In a flyer placed on residents’ doors last Thursday, Jade PMC warned residents that they may see police officers patrolling their property for the next few months. This is because they volunteered the complex to the ACC Sheriff’s Office for use in training K9 units to sniff out drugs, they explained.

There are a few problems here:

First of all, the ACC Sheriff’s Office doesn’t engage in these kinds of law enforcement activities out in the community, beyond serving warrants — that’s the job of the Police Department.

Second, doing this kind of search without suspicion of wrongdoing would be a violation of Fourth Amendment rights. The police need a warrant to have a dog sniff around your apartment; it can’t be done without residents’ consent just for training purposes.

Despite the clear problems with Jade PMC’s story, the local government took it quite seriously. They quickly looked into it and found, as expected, that it was completely made up.

“ACCPD investigated the claims by Jade PMC of partnering with Clarke County Sheriff deputies, DEA, and other law enforcement agencies to train and be present on the properties. ACCPD found that these claims were false and entirely fabricated by Jade PMC,” Commissioner Tim Denson said.

The flyers were distributed two days after APN published our story on the repeat code violations found at this apartment complex.

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