Commission District 1: Patrick Davenport & Audrey Hughes | Podcast #14

Commissioner Patrick Davenport is running for re-election in District 1 and he’s being challenged by Audrey Hughes. I interviewed them both (on different days). We talked about recycling, taxes, crime and whether the east side is getting its fair share of resources.

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Tell us about yourself. Why are you running for commission?
4:34 – What are your goals if elected?
10:26 – (to Patrick) How have you stayed on good terms with all commissioners?
11:59 – (to Patrick) What are some things you’ve proud of having accomplished?
15:22 – (to Audrey) What do you think of the direction the commission has been headed?
17:31 – (to Patrick) Is Audrey right that the gov doesn’t spend responsibly or give enough to the east side?
20:40 – Why should voters choose you?

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