Patty Durand is running for Public Service Commissioner | APN Podcast #7

Patty Durand has announced her campaign to run for Public Service Commissioner in Georgia. In this episode, APN interviews Patty about energy bills, coal ash pollution and the nuclear plant Vogtle.

UPDATE (3/10/22): Durand was removed from the district via gerrymandering, and it appears she will not be able to run. However, she qualified as a candidate anyway, perhaps in preparation for a lawsuit to challenge the new district map.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Patty’s background
2:44 – How would you lower Georgians’ power bills?
6:11 – Coal ash pollution
9:30 – Why did you call Plant Vogtle “Georgia’s shame?”
17:47 – What else does the Public Service Commission do?
19:59 – Why should we vote for you?
23:06 – Outro

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