The Red & Black covers APN

Check out the Red & Black’s coverage of APN after I launched the channel.

Long-time Athens activist Chris Dowd launched a local politics YouTube channel, Athens Politics Nerd, in early January with a goal to motivate more people to be involved in local politics.

They also interviewed Commissioner Tim Denson for this story:

Athens Politics Nerd has attracted the attention of ACC District 5 Commissioner Tim Denson, who previously served on the A4E board of directors with Dowd.

“We need more people paying attention, holding us accountable, and getting out information,” Denson said in an email. “I think the Athens Politics Nerd content is going to make our community more informed and also push the local government to be better.”

Thanks, Tim! And thanks to the Red & Black!

You can read the full article here. Follow APN on Mastodon here.

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