Woman arrested for threatening to bomb ACC Democratic office

Jessica Higganbotham mugshot
Jessica Higganbotham

UPDATE (5/16/23): Higganbotham pleaded guilty to making terroristic threats in federal court.

ACC police arrested a woman on Sunday for making terroristic threats against the ACC Democratic Party office.

A staffer in the office reported being sent a bomb threat by text message and reported it to police. Police then arrested Jessica Higganbotham and brought her to the Athens-Clarke County Jail, where she remains in custody.

ACC Democratic Party Chair Tim Denson says that Higganbotham was working as a security guard for the ACC Democratic party’s office during the midterm elections.

Given this turn of events, it seems likely that Higganbotham was also responsible for trashing the office last month. Being a security guard, Higganbotham had access to the office, which would explain why there was no sign of forced entry after the ransacking.

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