Jesse Houle

Jesse Houle, candidate for commission in Athens, GeorgiaCommissioner Jesse Houle, District 6

2020 – present

Represents West Athens, Lavender Road and Georgia Square Mall areas.
Jesse Houle’s Website

Houle has worked as the Operations Manager of Nuçi’s Space, a non-profit focusing on suicide prevention and support for local musicians, and as the Outreach Coordinator of Athens for Everyone.

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Primary Ballots: Houle almost always takes Democratic primary ballots, but not exclusively.
They are a member of the Athens-Clarke County Democratic Committee.

Inferred Party: Democrat

Signature Issues

Transforming Athens — Houle has an in-depth platform detailing their plans to move Athens leftward, including living wages for all workers, racial justice, a Green New Deal in Athens, affordable housing, participatory budgeting and more.

Prison Abolition — Houle wore a shirt saying “Abolish prison” when they were sworn in on November 17, 2020. They have publicly supported Commissioners Mariah Parker and Tim Denson’s plan to reinvest 50% of ACCPD funding into the community over a period of 10 years.

Voting Record

Approve TSPLOST 2023 Project List: YES
Appoint Public Safety Oversight Board: YES
Approve American Rescue Plan Framework: YES
Raise Commissioner Salaries: YES
Adopt Inclusionary Zoning Policy: YES
Adopt Complete Streets Policy: YES
Approve FY 2023 Budget: YES
Celebrate Pride Month and Juneteenth: YES
Approve 1010 Oglethorpe Avenue: YES
Begin Prince Avenue Road Diet Pilot: YES
Decriminalize Cannabis: YES
Approve the 100% Clean Energy Plan: YES
Create Homelessness Plan: YES

(More information about 2022 votes.)

Approve Apartments Near Airport: YES
Give Public Land for a New Parking Deck: YES
Approve Apartments off Lexington Road: YES
Approve Taser Contract: NO
Approve Linnentown Resolution: YES
Extend the Firefly Trail on original route: YES
Fund Athens Eats Together: YES
Delay Project Reset: NO
Approve FY 2022 Budget: YES
Approve Official Homeless Camp: YES
Establish Local Anti-Discrimination Protections: YES
Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for ACC Gov Employees: YES
Install Downtown Public Restroom: YES
Fund Non-Police Crisis Response Team: YES
Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day: YES
Approve AFDC to Run Eviction Prevention Program: YES
Establish a Law Enforcement Oversight Board: YES
Establish a Human Relations Commission: YES
Accept JAG Grant: NO
Approve New Commission Districts: YES

(More information about 2021 votes.)

Establish West Downtown Historic District: YES
(More information about 2020 votes)


Election Results

2020 Special Election (to replace the late Commissioner NeSmith)
Jesse Houle (D) – 55.5%
Chad Lowery (R) – 44.6%

2020 Local Election
Jerry NeSmith (incumbent) – 57.0%
Jesse Houle – 43.0%