Conversations with US Senate Candidates

The Athens-Clarke County Democratic Committee hosted a conversation with US Senate candidates Jon Ossoff, Sarah Riggs Amico and Ted Terry on Veterans Day, 2019. It took place at the Cotton Press in Athens, Georgia and was moderated by State Representatives Spencer Frye and Dar’shun Kendrick. Teresa Tomlinson was unable to attend this event.

2:35 – What motivates you to run for US Senate?
5:31 – How can we inspire people to vote?
9:18 – What can we do on a federal level to help workers?
12:28 – What will you do about student and medical debt?
15:33 – How can we address the problem of climate change?
19:01 – Closing statement

1:19 – How will you talk about your faith and your business to counter accusations that Democrats are anti-business and not religious?
6:12 – Why is it important that business owners take care of their employees?
9:15 – What are your top three policy priorities?
14:33 – How can we ensure that our votes are being recorded properly?
20:07 – Closing statement

3:26 – What have people been saying as you travel around the state?
7:00 – What is your messaging around immigration against Republican rhetoric?
10:57 – How can we address the problem of climate change?
15:12 – What is your message for rural Georgia?
20:17 – How important is labor and how do you view the value of workers?
23:56 – Closing statement

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