Marcus Wiedower

Representative Wiedower, District 119  (R)

2019 – present

Office: 612-G Coverdell
Cell: (706) 254-3251
Office: (404) 656-0325
Marcus’ Website

Higher Education
Intragovernmental Coordination (Vice Chairman)
Motor Vehicles
Transportation (Secretary)
Ways & Means
Natural Resources & Environment

Signature Policies

Opposition to Tax Increases: During his 2018 campaign, Marcus Wiedower pledged to vote no on raising taxes. He hasn’t had that opportunity yet, because the only votes recently have been about lowering taxes, which he supported.

Local Control for Transportation Projects: Wiedower has argued for more local control over highway construction, saying that we shouldn’t be “a donor community to Atlanta transportation projects.”

Election Results

2020 General Election

Marcus Wiedower (R) – 54.9%
Jonathan Wallace (D) – 45.2%

Voting Record

Collect Internet Sales Tax: YES
Fight Hate Crimes: YES
Adopt Budget: YES
“Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights”: YES
License / Criminalize Hemp: YES
Stop Burning Creosote RR Ties: YES
Ban Surprise Medical Bills: YES
Get Tough on Gangs: YES
Postpartum Medicaid Coverage: YES
Raise Coal Ash Fee: YES
Expunge More Criminal Records: YES
Restrict Signature Bonds: YES
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Protect Confederate Monuments: YES
Require Schools Allow Recess: YES
Apply for Medicaid Waivers: YES
Takeover the Atlanta Airport: YES
Improve EMS Transparency: YES
Buy Voting Machines: YES
Rollback Bail Reform: (co-sponsor)
Protect Renters from Retaliation: YES
Impose Additional Penalties for Committing Hate Crimes: NO
Ban Abortion: YES
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Business Record

Wiedower is a real estate broker and developer who has run several businesses over the past two decades. A number of liens (amounting to roughly $35,000) have been placed upon his properties in the past for failure to pay property tax and other bills. Some of these properties were foreclosed on.