Chad Lowery

Chad Lowery

Former Candidate for Commission, District 6

Chad Lowery is a member of the Athens GOP, a real estate investor and a former candidate for a two-month term on the ACC Commission representing district 6.

Chad Lowery’s website

Election Results

Lowery received 44.6% of the vote in the 2020 special election, losing to Commissioner Jesse Houle.

Signature Issues

Fully Fund the Police — Lowery strongly opposes Commissioners Mariah Parker and Tim Denson’s 50/10 Plan to reduce police funding.

Financial Responsibility — Lowery pledges to run government “like a business” and to spend tax dollars wisely. However, Lowery will have virtually no control over ACC expenses or budgeting during a two-month term.

Support for Bigger Vision — Lowery pledges to donate his salary, if elected, to Bigger Vision of Athens.


Lowery has owned several small businesses in Athens and is currently a real-estate investor.

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