Jesse Houle

Jesse Houle, candidate for commission in Athens, GeorgiaCommissioner-Elect Houle, District 6

Jesse Houle is the Commissioner-Elect for District 6 and also the Operations Manager of Nuçi’s Space, a non-profit focusing on suicide prevention and support for local musicians.

Jesse Houle’s Website

June 9 Election Results and Upcoming Special Election

While Houle (43%) ending up receiving fewer votes on June 9 than did the late Commissioner Jerry NeSmith (57%), they were declared the winner by default after NeSmith’s untimely death just days earlier.

Houle will take office in January. However, a special election is planned for November 3 to fill the remainder of NeSmith’s term, which will only end up being about a month at that point. Nevertheless, Commissioner-Elect Houle has curiously drawn a challenger for this one-month term, making the special election more interesting than it perhaps should be. Houle’s 4-year term as commissioner is secure either way, but their legitimacy may be on the line.

Signature Issues

Transforming Athens — Houle has an in-depth platform detailing their plans to move Athens leftward, including living wages for all workers, racial justice, a Green New Deal in Athens, affordable housing, participatory budgeting and more.


Houle had raised $7,526 as of 6/30/29 and ending up owing $123 at the end of their first campaign this year.


Houle has a long history of activism in Athens, including local electoral campaigns and grassroots advocacy. They were the Outreach Coordinator of Athens for Everyone from 2016-2018.


Houle was on Tim Bryant’s radio show on February 19.


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