Matt Pulver

Matt Pulver

Matt Pulver, Candidate for District 5 Commissioner

Matt Pulver is running to be the next commissioner from District 5 in Athens, Georgia.

Pulver’s website

Signature Issues

Pulver’s platform focuses on racial justice, economic justice and affordable housing. He believes that the commission has a responsibility to “act reparatively” to help shape the redevelopment of Bethel Midtown Village and surrounding areas in a way that ensures “Black Athens has a place there.”


Pulver is a UGA librarian and writer for the Flagpole (and Athens Politics Nerd on occasion) whose articles often focus on racial justice through a historical lens, but he has never before run for public office.


APN interviewed Matt Pulver on March 1, 2022 about his candidacy for ACC Commissioner.

Pulver went on WUGA in March:

He also went on Tim Bryant’s radio show in March:


Pulver has been endorsed by State Representative Spencer Frye and ACC Commissioners Mariah Parker, Melissa Link and Jesse Houle.

Political Affiliation

Primary Ballots: Pulver usually takes Democratic ballots, but not exclusively.
Inferred Party: Democrat

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